Flax, Tui & Kiwi – Ladies New Zealand souvenir tee

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Ladies high quality souvenir tee shirt in cotton stretch fabric – with an inspired Joy Clarke design print. A lovely memory of your time in charming and scenic New Zealand….or a perfect Kiwi gift for someone special…

The Kiwi is flight, nocturnal and has a long thin bill with nostrils placed near the tip. He moves about at night feeding on worms, insects and grubs. The Kiwi and silver fern have become widely know as symbols of New Zealand.

The flax is an unmistakable feature of the New Zealand landscape. Flax flowers drip with delicious nectar and later with black shiny seeds. A favourite with native birds.

The Tui is one of New Zealand’s most loved birds. It is well known for its vocal abilities. Pure bell-like notes are interspersed with coughs, chimings, wheezings and clicks. It will also mimic the calls of other birds, local sounds and human speech. The Tui is predominantly a nectar feeder.

Fabric: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
Ladies Scoop Neck
Sizes: Ladies sizes S – 2XL
Colours: Black
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