Nikau – Ladies New Zealand Souvenir Tee

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Ladies high quality souvenir tee shirt in cotton stretch fabric – with an inspired Joy Clarke design print. Lovely memory of your time in charming and scenic New Zealand…or a perfect Kiwi gift for that someone special….

The Nikau Palm is New Zealand’s only palm, and it is the world’s most southern species of growing palm trees. The beautiful red berries are a favourite source of food for the native Wood Pigeon and the Kaka. The Nikau Palm can reach heights of up to 10metres or more

The beautiful Wood Pigeon is found throughout New Zealand’s native bush and even in the towns. They feed on young leaves, and the flowers and fruits of native trees. The loud swishing of wings will tell you they are near.

These beautiful patterns appear on the underside of rafter in the Maori ceremonial meeting houses in New Zealand. Their designs are based on the shape of an uncurling fern frond called a Koru. The Koru is a symbol of new beginnings, peace and harmony. They are coloured red and white.

Fabric: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex

Ladies Scoop Neck
Ladies Sizes: S – 2XL
Colours: Red

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